Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sometimes a publisher gets lucky

Sometimes a publisher gets lucky.

Sometimes a manuscript comes in that has been vetted and edited by multiple hands and has a solid marketing plan...not to mention its own kick-butt cover art.

That's what happened to me with Lifelines.

The poetry collection was originally pitched to me during last year's Muse Online Writers Conference. There was no mistaking the effort and dedication of the co-authors, known collectively as The Poetic Muselings. They'd refined their manuscript through multiple versions and consulted with experienced mentors in developing their marketing plan. I knew, without a doubt, that I wanted to read their book.

A year later, Lifelines is a reality. available on Amazon and CreateSpace. Lin Neiswender's beautiful collage graces the cover, and her words share space on the inside with the five other Muselings (Michele M. Graf, Margaret Fieland, Anne Westlund, Mary W. Jensen and Kristen Howe).

True to their original pitch, The Poetic Muselings are putting every effort into marketing their book. They're a publisher's dream come true.

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  1. Betty, as an author, let me say the feeling is mutual. You're a doll. I appreciate all the help and support. Margaret